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Calumpit: the Gate to Pampanga

10 Day 10K Challenge: Calumpit, BULACAN
Date: MAY 18, 2014

Before entering the province of Pampanga, I have to pass through the town of Calumpit, Bulacan, where the Calumpit Bridge is located. As of today, the bridge that links Bulacan and Pampanga is still being repaired, and those who wanted to cross the border have to get through the hanging bridge situated over the Pampanga River – next to the bridge that is being renovated.


I alarmed my phone at 5:00 AM so I can start my journey early. However, due to extreme fatigue that I experienced yesterday, I woke up more than an hour late – at 6:20 AM. I get off my bed fast, took a shower and ate my breakfast (which was still nilagang baka), and then I quickly packed my things, loading everything I need for the whole trip.

I bid my mom farewell as I hurriedly went outside our house, promising to come back after ten days. I crossed the road, and took a final glimpse of our home in Bulacan, thinking if I would accomplish the goal that I previously set. It was 7:18 AM when I left.

A jeep, with the signboard that says “Calumpit,” passed by after a few seconds. I rode the jeep and paid 16 pesos going to Calumpit. Since it was a Sunday morning, there was no traffic on the road, resulting in our trip to be faster than average. I reached Calumpit Public Market at 7:40 AM.

Since the bridge going to Pampanga is closed, there are no jeeps around this part of Calumpit that goes straight from Malolos to San Fernando. Those who wanted to catch a jeep going to Pampanga needs to walk for almost a kilometer, and then cross a hanging bridge that was built for pedestrians. I grabbed my backpack and began to walk through the hanging bridge.

Calumpit Bridge being renovated (and the hanging bridge on the left)
This was the third time that I set foot in the town of Calumpit. The first one was back on April 9, 2012, when we celebrated my sister’s 17th birthday at Jed’s Island Resort. The second time was just recently, April 5, 2014, when my officemate (who was also from Calumpit) celebrated her birthday also at Jed’s Island Resort. Calumpit Bridge was still accessible back in 2012, and according to my officemate, the renovation took place sometime in 2013. Several months have passed, and the bridge remained undone. She was also the one who guided us through the hanging bridge back in April 2014, and I can still remember the thrill crossing this wobbly bridge.

The famous Jed's Island Resort
After a few minutes of walking, I reached the hanging bridge. I took out my video camera and started recording what’s going on around. I took my first step into the hanging bridge and walked closer to the middle part. I can see people with acrophobia hastily walking through the other end without looking underneath. I continued walking through the hanging bridge, and I managed to reach the end without any hassle.

Crossing the hanging bridge was fun, and the next thing that I did was to walk for a few hundred meters, passing through the famed Jed’s Island Resort, into Pampanga’s border arch. I stood there for a few minutes, taking photos and videos, and experiencing how to be omnipresent – being in two places at once.

Now entering Pampanga
It was already 8:06 AM and my time were running out. I saw a jeep coming, so I signaled it to a stop, and rode it so I could go on to my next destination: San Fernando,Pampanga.

Expenses - Bulacan (as of May 18, 2014)

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