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Balanga: Taking a Break at Bataan's Capital

10 Day 10K Challenge: Balanga, BATAAN
Date: MAY 18, 2014

After conquering Mount Samat’s peak, I decided to visit the city of Balanga, Bataan’s capital. I just wanted to take a break and visit any attractions or landmarks that I would be passing by along the way – and as I explored the city, I discovered this funny themed restaurant made from an old bus.

Plaza Mayor de Balanga

Minutes have gone by, but there were still no jeepneys. Fortunately, a tricycle came, and the driver took me to the city center for only P20. As I got off the tricycle, I saw this mall nearby, named “Galeria Victoria,” and I went inside the supermarket to buy a bottle of water and to cool myself down.

Balanga City Hall
I didn’t stay for long inside the mall and went outside minutes later. The next thing that I did was to visit their city plaza, and there were a lot of people that time. The plaza was surrounded by different establishments and buildings – a classy hotel, the Balanga Cathedral, and their beautifully designed city hall. Near the center of the plaza stood a modest Jose Rizal monument, and at its back were life-sized superhero figurines, standing beside these giant letters that read “BALANGA.”

Time was running out, so I decided to leave the plaza and walk towards the capitol – but then I discovered something. I found this restaurant that was made from an old bus, named Goto Mobile, and it was conveniently located at the heart of the city – at a vacant lot beside the creek, just a few meters away from Puregold Balanga. The place looked familiar because I’ve seen it before on the television, and the crew told me that they sometimes transfer to a different location.

Goto Mobile bus
I checked out their menu, and I ordered a plate of tapsilog (which cost P45), and a bowl of goto with egg (which was P40). I was so famished that time, and I can’t wait to taste their food. They’ve prepared my order in a short period, and I was drooling as they placed the food on the table.

Mouthwatering tapsilog
Then, the taste test began - the tapsilog was great, and their goto? Excellent! Aside from the taste, what made me happy with this restaurant was their affordable price. How I wish for them to visit Bulacan sometime and stay close to where I live. After eating, the next thing I did was to visit their provincial capitol building.

From Goto Mobile, the capitol was still a kilometer away, and I was too lazy to walk, so I just rode a tricycle and asked the driver to take me in there. There were only a few people at the capitol park when I arrived (since it was a Sunday) – some of them were taking a stroll, and somewhere doing exercise. I also found two historical markers at the park – one for Tomas Guillermo del Rosario, and another one dedicated to the Fall of Bataan.

Historical marker dedicated to the fall of Bataan
Bataan’s capitol, in my opinion, looked average. Its architectural design was similar to the majority of provincial capitols around the country (just like the one in Pampanga). After taking some photos and videos, I decided to leave because it will be dark soon, so I headed straight to their public transport terminal by riding a tricycle. I came in just in time before, and ordinary Victory Liner bus left.

Now en route to my next destination - the city of Olongapo!

Posing infront of the provincial capitol building
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