Sunday, January 11, 2015

Siquijor: The Island of Mystical Charm

Siquijor, San Juan, Lazi & Maria, SIQUIJOR
Date: JAN 09, 2015

The province of Siquijor is known for mysteries that surround the island. The stories about witches and wizard proliferates the minds of outsiders whenever they hear the name of this place. But because of my curiosity, I wanted to know if the mysteries on this island were real. What kind of magical charm does Siquijor have and travel bloggers always say that they were captivated by this island’s beauty?

Mactan: The Day I Met Visayas

Cebu City, CEBU
Date: JAN 08, 2015

My birthday is near, and the gift I gave myself this year was a trip going to Visayas. It would be a new chapter in my life as a traveler, and this trip would be full of “firsts” – first airplane ride, first time in the Visayas, new region to explore and new provinces to visit. Even if I would be miles away from my family on my birthday, I am very sure that my trip would be full of memories that I would cherish for a lifetime.