Monday, January 11, 1993

Travel Blog Introduction

Why do I travel?

Traveling, for me, is the best thing to do. It lifts up my spirit, helps me to meditate and shows me how beautiful the world is. Spending money on traveling is worth it because of the experiences, lessons, and memories that will last a lifetime.

I always dreamed of becoming a well-known explorer, and I am fascinated by how every place on Earth looked like in person. I also love studying the culture and way of life of all the people living on this planet, and my favorite subjects back in school were Geography and History. That's why while I am still young, I promised myself of accomplishing my most significant life goal: EXPLORING THE WORLD!

What I wanted to do is to visit ALL 81 PROVINCES OF THE PHILIPPINES, and then finally, visit ALL SOVEREIGN STATES, COUNTRIES, AND TERRITORIES of the globe.

I know that I can make it! :D

UPDATE: 04/23/2018

Philippine Provinces Visited: 79/81
Countries Visited: 0

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