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Anvaya Cove: an Opulent Solitude

Morong, BATAAN
Date: MAY 11, 2011

It is summertime, and everyone’s going to the beach. Meanwhile, I am packing my things because I will be on a very long journey ahead – a trip that will take me to a place hidden behind the mountain ranges of Bataan. This marks the first time in so many years that I will be spending a day at the beach with my family.

Today is Wednesday, and everyone at home looks busy packing up their bags. I woke up early in the morning to pack my stuff, and when I went downstairs, I saw my aunt preparing hotdog sandwiches and coolers being loaded into my cousin’s vehicle. We left Manila at six in the morning and drove our way to the province of Bataan.

We passed through NLEX and SCTEX (this was the first time I’ve seen SCTEX), then we drove inside SBMA, before venturing out into the road which led us to the gates of Anvaya Cove. We reached the cove at around 10 in the morning, and we started to walk around the beach to check out Anvaya’s hidden beauty.

Anvaya Cove
The resort from the observation tower
There were very few people hanging around the beachfront, possibly because membership is required for those who wish to visit Anvaya Cove. The sand was fine and light-grayish in color, and the sea was clear and calm. Dominating the shoreline’s horizon are the mountain ranges of Zambales, and you can also see Subic Bay nearby.

The cove itself has lots of amenities to choose from. They have swimming pools right in the middle of the resort, and then a high observation tower that stands proudly near the beachfront. They also have their restaurant inside the resort, a playroom complete with internet connection and computers, a library, a spa, a gym, a pond, and a small golf course.

Noon came, and we gathered inside the restaurant to eat our lunch. They prepared a sumptuous buffet for their visitors today, and the menu offers a lot of food choices. After eating our lunch, I went back to the beach to explore the cove’s endpoint.

Yum! It tasted good!
The far side of the beach was covered with plants similar to water lilies, and it turned out to be a little rocky compared to the side where most of the people go. After checking out what the edge of the cove looked like, I went back to the swimming pool, joined my family who was having fun and just relaxed.

Swimming with Kaeden (my nephew)
I spent the entire day swimming at the pool and on the beach, then just relaxing under the sun while lying on one of their comfortable beach seats. I also climbed their observation tower and saw the cove’s beautiful panorama.

We decided to leave at 4:30 in the afternoon and then drove our way back to SBMA. And then, we had a stopover at Puregold Subic and bought some duty-free groceries. After shopping, we left SBMA and finally went home.

This day was exhausting and relaxing at the same time, and I must say that I was lucky enough to experience how it feels like to spend a day at an opulent solitude like Anvaya Cove.

Opulent solitude indeed!

Swimming pool and the beach ahead

Comfortable beach seats

Poolside seats

Lifeguard post


1. Drive all the way to NLEX, and then to SCTEX, and then to Subic-Tipo Expressway.
2. Once inside the SBMA, there will be a T-intersection. Turn left and take the Maritan Highway.
3. Drive all the way to Argonaut Highway (where the SBMA Airport is located).
4. At the airport's runway edge, turn left and take the Corregidor Road (a.k.a. Gov. J.J. Linao National Road).
5. Once outside the SBMA, there will be another Y-interchange. Turn right and take the SBMA-Morong Road. After 20-30 minutes of driving, you'll see the gate of Anvaya Cove. Enter, and follow the directions inside.

1. First time in SCTEX (Clark-Subic Route)

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