Thursday, April 4, 2019

Celebrating Shery's 20th Birthday at Port Alfred

Date: APR 04, 2019

Port Alfred is one of the largest resorts in Partido. The resort has a towering slide, and I’ve always wanted to visit the place. Shery, one of my classmates in PSU, told me the night before that she will be having an advanced birthday celebration today at Port Alfred. She invited us to go there tomorrow morning, a couple of hours before I leave Goa for Manila because of my Summer OJT.

Port Alfred's gate
I’ve always wanted to visit Port Alfred because I wanted to try their slide. Luckily, Shery invited me to the resort to celebrate with her (it's her birthday a week from now!). We had to pick up Edmarie along the way, and the four of us met at the resort. We had to pay an entrance fee that costs P150 each, and we also need to rent one of their cottages for P400.

The slide and the "funnel"
Port Alfred is the opposite of what I was expecting – I thought that the pool was bigger, and the slides were higher. But that’s ok – what’s important would be spending the time with my friends before I leave the province.

The beach outside the resort
I invited Shery and Aljhon to take a walk around the resort, and I checked the beachfront. The coastline is similar to Telegrafo and Tagas, since these barangays are adjacent to one another. The sea looked beautiful because it bears a strong blue hue being reflected from the clear sky.

The restaurant located near the beach
The "view deck" from the bar and restaurant
There is a large bar-slash-restaurant located near the beachfront, but it was closed when we visited. They also have several hotel rooms that can be rented by large groups who wanted to stay for the night.

Our food for today
We went back to our cottage to eat the food that Shery’s parents prepared. We had chips, soft drinks, pancit (noodles), sweetened suman (rice cake), and the yema cake that we bought for her. I went to the pool, later on, to take a dip and try out their slides.

The birthday girl posing for a photo
Around eleven in the morning, Shery’s dad came and he delivered our lunch. We had laing, pork adobo, and ginataang pagi (stingray cooked in coconut milk). It was my first time trying out ginataang pagi, and it tasted like a mix of chicken and fish. I also went for the laing, which is one of the best tasting vegetable dishes in the Bicol Region.

Taking a photo before we eat our lunch
I went back to the pool after we had our lunch to take a short dip before we decided to go back home at around 2:30 in the afternoon.

Directions from Goa, Camarines Sur to Port Alfred, Sabang, San Jose, Camarines Sur

The location of Port Alfred on the map

•From Goa Terminal, look for a jeepney bound for SABANG, and tell the driver to drop you off at Port Alfred. Fare is P20.

•Take a tricycle from downtown Goa and ask the driver to take you to Port Alfred. Fare ranges from P150 to P200.

VIA HABAL-HABAL (Door-to-door)
•Go to Metrobank Goa and ask the habal-habal driver to take you to Port Alfred. Fare ranges from P50 to P100.

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