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Burot Beach: A Weekend of Seclusion

Calatagan, BATANGAS
Date: FEB 07-08, 2015

Burot Beach is not really on my must-see list. I’ve been hearing about this place for a long time, and I never had any plans of visiting it – until one of my officemates visited the beach. He told me that SM already bought the property, and it was the sole reason why I decided to visit it once and for all. We do not know, maybe SM will close it one day from the public and it might be the next Pico de Loro Resort.


Burot Beach at low tide

I left the office early and headed right away to Calatagan-bound van terminal located behind Kabayan Hotel (near MRT Taft Avenue Station). I will be spending my weekend at Burot Beach, and based from what my officemate told me, this weekend’s gonna be fun.

Welcome to Burot Beach
I came in just in time before the van left. It was 6:45 AM when we left and almost half of its passengers were also bound for Burot Beach. We took the expressway, and exited at Southwoods then headed straight to Tagaytay, Cavite and the towns of Nasugbu, Tuy and Lian in Batangas, before reaching the town of Calatagan. The trip lasted for three hours, and after getting off the van, I walked around the market to buy additional supplies.

The first thing I did was to buy 4 liters of water from the grocery store, as well as my lunch (fish sinigan) and a loaf of bread. Then suddenly, a tricycle driver approached me. He offered to take me to the beach for only P120, but I managed to lower it down to P100.

It was 09:50 AM when we left the market, and we had to drive through rough roads inside SM’s private property. It took us 20 minutes to reach the beach, and the tricycle driver gave me his phone number so I can text him back whenever I need someone to pick me up. I immediately looked for a nice place to pitch my tent, and chose the area that was being shaded by the tree. I had some difficulty setting up my tent, so I asked for help from other beach goers and they gladly assisted me.

Watching the sunset inside my tent
After setting up my tent, I began to eat my lunch, and lay down inside the tent for moment. As the time goes, the tent’s interior became hotter, that was why I decided to go outside to walk around.

The sand at the beach was dirty-white, and it wasn’t that fine – the size of it being similar to ground pepper. The sea on the other hand was clear, and its color was deep blue. There were lots of campers that day, and some boatmen were offering their boats for island hopping and other water activities.

I went back to the tent later in the afternoon, but it was still hot. I endured the scorching heat and just opened the tent’s door so that air could come in. It gradually became cooler as the sun sets, and my camping neighbors began lighting up their bonfires. Since I was alone in my tent, I just ate my dinner while looking up into the stars, and there were plenty of them that night. I slept at around 9:00 PM that night.


Walking around the beach early in the morning
It was early in the morning when I woke up, and I thought that the sun was already up. I was wrong, because the light I saw was not from the sun, but from the moon. I took my video camera to record the full moon, and I saw its craters on my lens. I ate my breakfast right away because I have to leave Batangas early so I can catch up with our church’s Sunday Service.

Before the sun rises, I decided to go outside my tent and stroll around the beach, and then I went to places that I never managed to visit yesterday. It was low tide, and I saw lots of tourists walking at the far side of the beach because the water was only ankle deep. The first thing I did was to go to the end side of the cove, where trees and barnacle-covered rocks can be found.

From there, I saw numerous boats that went to the open sea to fish, and I also heard the church bell ringing not far from where I was standing. I even saw a 2GO ship bound for Manila. There was also a ruin near the beach, and shells were scattered along the shore. I collected some of it and placed it inside my plastic bag. I also gathered sand deposits and placed it inside too.

The far end side of the beach
I went to the other side of the beach after exploring the main coast. That was where I found out that Burot Beach has more than one beach - I think it has three or four! I took some photos and went back to my tent before 07:00 AM

It was time for me to leave, so I packed my tent and bags and placed it in order. Then I texted the tricycle driver and asked him to pick me up. He arrived shortly, and he brought me to the town market where vans bound for Manila were located. It was 7:55 AM when I arrived at the terminal, but I had to wait for another hour before it filled up. We left at 8:51 AM, and it was past 12:00 noon when we reached Manila. The trip took me more than three hours. I went to my aunt’s house in Caloocan and attended the Sunday service at my church.

Burot Beach is a great place to visit if you are with your friends or family, because the place is suitable for camping and bonding. I wanted to go back to this place one day, and hopefully, I’ll be with my friends or family by then. And I am hoping that the beach is still open to the public when that day comes.

Wondering when would I come back
DAY 01

06:00 Left CVG via bus, P16
06:45 Ride van to Calatagan, P170
09:40 Arrive at Calatagan and buy bread (P10), sinigang (P50), and 4L water (P65)
09:50 Ride tricycle to beach, P100
10:10 Arrive at the beach and pay entrance (P130), tent fee (P30) and garbage bag (P20)

DAY 02

04:00 Wake up
05:45 Go out and photoshoot
07:00 Return to tent and pack out
07:42 Leave beach and go to terminal via tricycle, P100,
07:55 Arrive at the van terminal to Pasay, and buy kalamay, P20
08:51 Van left for Pasay, P170
12:03 Arrive at Pasay. Ride LRT to Balintawak, P30
12:45 Arrive at Balintawak, and ride jeep to Baesa, P8


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